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2014, himmel is born | 2014年,himmel品牌诞生

Since its inception in 2014, himmel has been dedicated to popularizing the concept of dehydrated nutritious food and promoting healthy snack habits. It was with this objective that himmel’s ingenious founder Tan Kian Chong brought Korean’s top-notch food dehydrator into the Malaysian market.


Improving Life through Basic Diet | 由基本饮食,优化生活

100% made in Korea, the himmel all nutritious food dehydrator suit perfectly himmel’s philosophy of improving life. It is known to effectively produce healthy snacks for adults and children in an effortless way.

100% 韩国制造的himmel全营养食物风干机,完全切合himmel所要推行的“优化生活”理念,它被公认是个有效帮助大人和小孩“容易且轻松”健康饮食的产品。

Popularizing the himmel All-Nutritious Food Dehydrator | 极力推广himmel全营养食物风干机

The himmel food dehydrator received widespread acceptance since its inception in the market. Many were amazed by the dehydrator’s many features. Foodies who were health conscious, especially, couldn’t wait to own one after understanding the product’s concept.


Winning Support by Providing Quality Service | 优质服务赢得支持

It is worth mentioning that, customers’ confidence in Himmel comes not only from the product itself, but more importantly, the service brought by the Himmel team to customers that truly improved the quality of their lives. Today, Himmel users in Malaysia are exceeding million, making it one of the most reputable food dehydrator in the country. 


When the Right People Meet the Right Product | 当对的人遇上对的产品

We are ever grateful towards the team who firmly believes in himmel. It is because we adhere to the same conviction – to provide quality products and services to customers – that himmel can be successful as it is today.


Customer Trust, Our Motivation | 客户信赖,我们动力

We sincerely thank our customers and friends who have stood by us in realizing our philosophy of improving life together. Let us continue to optimize the quality of life for you and your family everyday!