The Yummy Fruit Snacks that Parents & Kids Love

美味果干零嘴  大人小孩超爱


【健康美味水果干 • 免费试吃】不要错过

这一次,我们精心准备了多样化的水果干以外,您还有机会*品尝“特制优格”以及独一无二的“果干棒棒糖”。不要错过这个难得机会,立即按键BUY NOW免费获取大人小孩最爱吃的水果干吧!


Healthy-licious Fruit Snacks • Try it for FREE

This time, himmel is proudly present you a set of yummy fruit snacks, adding up with signature Yogurt and the very special Fruit Lollipop. Click BUY NOW today and you’ll get to taste all the good food* for FREE!

Step 1 – Click Add to Cart or Buy Now (Limited to 1 set redemption per 1 customer, 3 packs in 1 set) | 点击 Add to Cart 或 Buy Now(1位客户限购1套,1套3包)

Step 2 – Fill in information on Check Out Page (Contact Number & Home Address must fill in) | 填写结账页面的资料(必须填写联系电话及住家地址)

Step 3 – Pay RM8.00 Shipping Fee upon purchase confirmation | 支付 RM8.00 运费 

Step 4 – himmel team will call you within 1 week time to arrange delivery. | himmel 团队将在1周内与您联系安排送货

Please be bear with us that order from East Malaysia is not available. | 暂不接受东马订单,谨请见谅。

* Note备注:

Customer with appointment will be receiving himmel special homemade Yogurt, Fruit Lollipop, and other snacks. So don’t be shy to ask from us! 确定预约的朋友将额外获得优格、果干棒棒糖、以及其它健康零食,别忘了预约哦!


Himmel Healthy Snacks - Mixed Fruit Pack